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Stress Reduction, Relaxation & Meditation Instructor Certification

$129.00 $119.00

with Nora Anderson M.S.
Friday, March 6th from 10:30am – 5:00pm


Learn to become an instructor of Stress Reduction, Relaxation & Meditation and add to your teaching credentials. Learn to help others live a happier more fulfilling life or come and enjoy this uplifting day just for yourself!
10:30-11:00 Learn to teach Pranayama breathing techniques to reduce stress
11:00-12:00 Learn to teach creative visualization techniques
12:30-1:00 Learn to teach positive self affirmations
1:00-2:00 Learn to teach effective meditation techniques
2:00-3:00 Learn the incredible Hands of Light Meditation
3:00-4:00 Learn Chakra Meditations & a Candle Gazing Meditation
4:00-5:00 AAAI/ISMA International Certification Exam (Written & Practical)
CEC’S: AAAI/ISMA 8, AFAA 5.5, IFTA 8, other CEC’s can be petitioned.
Includes Nora’s book IN-LIGHT-IN ( a $15.00 value)

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