Cycling Instructor Certification

Date(s) - Aug 5 2018
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

PEAC Health and Fitness

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with Instructor April James

AAAI/ISMA Cycling Instructor Certification

Moving from the road to the studio, cycling provides year-round intense cycling exercise group fitness class that tests your cardiovascular fitness, while providing a non-impact alternative.  Bike setup, class design, music selection and classroom monitoring are only a few of the components covered. This Certification teaches you the information and skills needed to successfully teach group fitness cycling classes. This Class prepares you for both the written and practical testing in a non-threatening, comfortable environment. You will learn everything from how to set the cycle to match each participant’s body, correct form, safety issues, music, exercise science, proper class format and more. Cycling is a fun, high-energy, low-impact class.  Great for both beginners and advanced exercisers, cycling is one of the least intimidating and most accessible classes out there (coordination not required)! Offered in gyms and studios, cycling offers an excellent workout.

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