Women’s Hormonal Health Consultant Certification

Date(s) - Jul 1 2018
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

PEAC Health and Fitness

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with Instructor April James

AAAI/ISMA Women’s Hormonal Health Consultant

Hormone balance is crucial for successful weight loss and health. Women face many challenges throughout their lives as they ride the ever changing “hormonal highway” of fluctuating hormones. Balancing hormones is absolutely crucial  for losing weight, long term and for increasing energy levels, reducing cravings and improving health. This specialty certification will assist trainers in helping their female clients balance their hormones naturally, through proper nutrition and exercise. Many don’t realize that hormones dictate whether we burn fat or store it and where on the body it is stored. Unlock the secrets of hormone balance, by arming yourself with some basic knowledge that will go a long way in helping your female clients to lose the extra weight they have been struggling with for years.

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