Written Exams

Written Exams:

1. Each exam is 100 questions, plus essay, (with the exception of the fitness and aerobic expert which includes over 300 questions)
2. The questions are divided equally between multiple choice, true/false and fill in the blank. There is also one essay, which assures a working understanding of the material.
3. The test includes:

a. Anatomy/physiology/kinesiology
b. Injury prevention and identification
c. Proper techniques

4. 80% is required to pass

Practical Exam:

The practical test emphasizes the student’s ability to demonstrate safe and effective exercises that correspond to their certification choice. Each participant has a chance to show his or her practical skills. For example, in the aerobic class we ask that you do a routine using at least 3-4 connecting moves, and in the personal fitness trainer certification show safe and effective free weight technique.

Retesting Procedure:

If you do not pass the exam the first time, you can retake it for up to one for year with a $30 retest fee. You can take the whole workshop and exam again at any of our workshops except for a community college or conference. You may also have a director of the gym you work at or belong to to proctor the test for you. Please have them write a letter on letterhead stating they are going to proctor the exam and include your name, their name and their address as to where to send the exam to.

Optional Insurance

Because AAAI/ISMA is one of the top certification associations in the world, we have been chosen as one of 8 certification associations able to offer the AIG professional liability insurance discount. This insurance policy is for personal trainers and all other AAAI/ISMA certified professionals. If you have any questions please call at 609-397-2139. Our office hours are 10 to 4 EST, Monday through Friday.

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