AAAII/SMA is the International Gold Standard in LIVE Fitness Certification & Education.

WE have been Certifying & Education Fitness Instructors for 39 Years.


Join the World’s Largest Fitness Family with over 180,000 members.

Member Benefits:

LIVE Fitness Education & Certification from the AAAI/ISMA Faculty with a Master’s Degree, Ph.D. or M.D.
32 Live Certification Options to help you build a Fitness Career.
Insurance coverage available by CPH Insurance Company
Certification Verification and Office Support
“One World” Live Fitness Certification & Education Conferences
Continuing Education
But Best of All AAAI/ISMA Certification Costs are Affordable

Year Founded: 1980

By: Nora Anderson M. S. (Exercise Physiologist)

Number of Certified Instructors: over 180,000

AAAI/ISMA’s goal is to help fitness instructors teach safe and effective classes or training sessions. AAAI/ISMA is currently one of the largest and most recognized fitness certification associations in the world, with over 180,000 members worldwide. However, size is not as important as the quality and high standards with which we hold our company and staff. We are very proud that all of our faculty trainers must have a Master’s Degree, Ph. D. or M. D. in order to teach our certification programs. Our certification system is modeled after a University educational system in which the students purchase study materials and then attend an inter-active educational workshop. There is a theoretical and practical component of each certification. AAAI/ISMA workshops run for one day for eight hours except Yoga which is two days. The program consists of a mix of workout and lecture and will have a written and practical exam at the end of the session. The cost of the certification is $99 for all workshops with the exception of Yoga and Mind/Body which are 2 day workshops and are $150. Certification Renewal Procedures: Your initial certification is good for a two-year period.  After the initial two years, you must renew your certification every year.  The purpose of certification renewal is to encourage our members to continue to stay educated in the newest research and techniques in the field, and to re-affirm the fitness safety principles that they learned in their initial certification. For those members whose certifications are about to expire, or for new members who would like to know our renewal policy, please read the following. Approximately 2-4 weeks before your certification expires, you must send the following in to our office:

  • You must send a copy of your expiring certification, a $20.00processing fee FOR EACH CERTIFICATION and your 8 CEC’S (4 of which MUST be from a AAAI/ISMA Conference or certification workshop).
  • You must earn at least 8 CEC’s within the year of your expiration date.  Eight CEC’s per year will renew all of your expiring certifications through AAAI/ISMA. You must have at least 4 CEC’s from a AAAI/ISMA event or workshop
  • You can renew by taking another AAAI/ISMA certification program or by attending a AAAI/ISMA “One World” Certification and Education Conference. 4 ACSM, AFAA, IFTA, ECA, IDEA and DCAC credits can be applied toward your certification renewal, but you will still need to have 4 AAAI/ISMA credits.  AFPA, IFPA, ACE, AFI and Sara City Workout are not valid and are not accepted by AAAI/ISMA for certification renewal.


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