How do I get certified?

To begin the Certification Process, you will need to find either a weekend workshop or “One World” Conference  that is either nearest to you or best fits you schedule. We also recommend purchasing the correlated study guide for whichever certification you wish to attend. These study guides are optional, yet highly recommended. We recommend purchasing your study guides at least 2 weeks before your class, to leave time for shipping (2-4 days) and give you ample study time to prepare. You will then attend your class, either at our “One World” Conference or weekend workshop, and at the end of the class you will take your exam. you should receive your results within 1-3 weeks.

How long is my AAAI/ISMA Certification valid?

All Certifications offered by AAAI/ISMA are valid for 2 years after the date of your exam. after that you will need to renew your certification by following our Certification Renewal Procedures. Certifications are valid for 1 year after renewal, but may be renewed every year.

I want to get Certified, but there are no classes being held near me, does AAAI/ISMA offer any online classes?

No. AAAI/ISMA does not offer online certification classes. We believe that the physical nature of the profession requires an in-person instruction. We do not believe that certain aspects can be properly assessed through online learning modules i.e. safety, technique, etc…

Are you already employed by a Gym or other Fitness Facility? Would your Facility like to host a workshop? have your Fitness Director fill out this form and hopefully we can bring a Certification workshop to you!

What Should I expect during my certification class?

Each class is a series of lectures and practical components, followed by a written exam at the end of the class. Certain Certifications do have a practical skills test as well, Including Personal Training and Primary Group Aerobic.

What Should I bring to my certification class?

Comfortable workout attire. Depending on which Certification you are taking, There will most likely be a practical component. If you are Taking the Aqua Fitness Certification, you will need a bathing suit. Yoga or Pilates? You should bring your yoga mat. For all Certifications we recommend bringing your study materials, a writing utensil, and a notebook. Though your name should be on the Class List once you have paid and registered, we recommend bringing the e-ticket we have emailed you just in case there are any discrepancies. there will be a lunch break, some facilities are not close to a restaurant, in which case we recommend bringing your own lunch.

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